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Carquip, Inc.
7191 Arapahoe Road
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356 Interior


911 Interior

1965 356

1965 356 Interior

1965 356 Rear

Carquip Race Car

1954 356 Outlaw

1954 356 Outlaw Interior
Carquip is a specialty house for new and used vintage and racing Porsche parts. We have a huge warehouse FULL of new, NOS, NLA and used Porsche parts, including new and rebuilt transaxles, rebuilt engines, an extensive inventory of transaxle parts including gears for almost all types of Porsche transaxles, body parts, electrical parts and components, accessories, glass, exhaust systems, suspension parts, and MUCH MUCH MORE! We have an extensive history doing transmission rebuilds and gearings as well as engine rebuilds.
Carquip is an active buyer of Porsche parts. We are always looking for engines, transmissions, race parts, parts cars, and obscure parts.
If you have parts for sale, please contact us.
Tom Conway’s passion for Porsches began in 1962, when he opened his first shop. He is a three-time La Carrera Panamerican racer, an accomplished mechanic and coach-builder, and has hand-built many fine Porsches over the years. Examples include a multi-concours winning 1956 356 Speedster, a replica of Elford and Stone’s winning 1968 Rallye Monte Carlo #210-911, and many 356s.
Jim McMillan has worked exclusively on air-cooled Porsches since 1969, including 4-Cam Carreras. He has owned a Porsche 550A Spyder and a 2 Liter Carrera GT.
Mahlon Schanzenbach is a Porsche owner and enthusiast, specializing in welding and fabrication working mostly with original models, and full race restoration and modifications.
Donna Helberg - Administrative
Not Affiliated with Porsche, Porsche AG, or Porsche PCNA
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